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Moisture Vapour Barrier

Lightweight and High Quality Underlay

Vapour Barrier


Moisture Vapour Barrier is a super light weight underlay with excellent water proofing and absorbing properties. It’s extremely easy to install due to it’s light weight properties and flexibility. With antibacterial design, and mould and mildew resistance, it’s home and commercial use safe. Vapour Barrier is 100% sealed which also gives it excellent sound absorption features.

Easy Installation

Light weight, good flexibility and cushioning

Moisture Barrier

Increased moisture barrier strength


High foaming and excellent waterproof function

Safe for Homes

Antibacterial, mold and
mildew resistant


For use over concrete or wood sub-floor imperfections.

light weight ,good flexibility,and cushioning

Increased moisture barrier strength.

High foaming and excellent waterproof function.

Easy installation.

Mold and mildew resistant / non allergenic.

100% sealed chamber,good sound-absorbing, Noise prevention.

3mm thickness, with blue Lip and Tape with a film on one side.

200 sq². ft/roll.


  1. Prepare the subfloor for the flooring installation, ensure it is dry and flat.
  2. Unroll and place Moccasin underlayment with black textured side down, this acts as the moisture barrier.
  3. Trim and cut to follow the perimeter of the room to create a smooth continuous membrane.
  4. You are ready to install your vinyl floor